martes, 20 de noviembre de 2012


3.- What are oceans and seas?

1.- Activity on-line: find a photo of people having a bath on the Dead Sea.

2.- Copy the following questions in your notebook and answer them using the text on page 27.
  1. Where is almost all the world´s liquid water found?
  2. Is the salinity of all oceans and seas similar?
  3. What factor affects to the salinity of oceans and seas?
  4. Why have warm seas got a higher salt content?
  5. Which sea has more salt, the Read Sea or the Baltic Sea? How many times?
  6. True or false. If they are wrong, correct them.
    1. Oceans provide us with food.
    2. Raw materials and energy are provided by the oceans.
    3. Large quantities of gas and petroleum are found in the continental shelves.
    4. Salt is obtained from rivers.
    5. Oceans attract tourism to the coasts.
    6. Tourism does not creat jobs in coastal areas.
    7. Oceans are used for transport.
    8. Oceans transport just people.

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