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2.- What are rivers?

1.- Activity on-line: find a photo of a wadi and send it to my mail.

2.- Copy the following questions in your notebook and answer them using the text on page 26.
  1. What are rivers?
  2. Make a diagram (esquema) of the origin or the water of rivers.
  3. How is the place where a river starts called?
  4. Define "tributary"
  5. Define "basin"
  6. Define "flow"
  7. Complete the following sentences:
    1. If rivers are created from melting snow, ___________________
    2. If rivers are created from rainfall, ___________________________________
    3. The rivers which are dry most of the time and only have water when it rains are placed in ____________________________
  8. What can we transport by rivers?
  9. What are canals used for?
  10. What are reservoirs?
  11. Make a diagram (esquema) of the functions of reservoirs.
  12. What do we build on rivers to produce electricity

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