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Dear pupils,
please, correct your homework with the following answers.


1.                 Where did many Visigoths take refuge form the Muslims?
                       In Cantabria and the Pyrenees.
2.                 When were the Christian kingdoms founded?
           In Cantabria and the Pyrenees.
3.                 Which Kingdom originated in the mountain ranges of Cantabria?
           The Kingdom of Asturias
4.                 Which Christian kingdoms originated in the Pyrenees?
           The Kingdom of Navarre and the Aragonese and Catalan counties.
5.                 How long did the Christian kingdoms coexist with Al-Andalus?
           They coexisted for eight hundred years.
6.                 When did the Kingdom of Asturias emerged?
           In the first half of the 8th century.
7.                 Who was chosen as king in 718 in the Kingdom of Asturias?
           Pelayo, or Pelagius.
8.                 What happened in 722?
           Pelayo defeated the Muslims at the Battle of Covadonga.
9.                 Where was the court of the Kingdom of Asturias established?
           In Oviedo.
10.              What territories did the Kingdom of Asturias strech by 800?
           The Kingdom of Asturias stretched from Galicia, in the west, to Álava in the east.
11.              When was the greatest expansion of the Kingdom of Asturias?
           During the reign of Alfonso III (866-910)
12.              When was the capital of the Kingdom of Asturias moved to Leon?
           In the 10th century.
13.              What happened when the capital of the Kingdom of Asturias moved to Leon?
           The Kingdom of Asturias became the Kingdom of León.


1.                 What was the function of Castile when Leon was attacked by the Muslims under the caliphate of Córdoba?
           Castile provided defence against Muslim attacks from the valley of the River Ebro.
2.                 Who ruled the counties of Castile?
           Count Fernán González.
3.                 When did Leon begin to decline?
           At the end of the 10th century.
4.                 When did Castile become independent?
           In 1035.
5.                 What did the Pyrenean region form within the Carolingean Empire?
           The Spanish March.
6.                 What happened when the Carolingean Empire dissolved?
           Three different independent regions were formed: Navarre, Aragón and the Catalan counties.
7.                 Who ruled in Navarra from the 10th century?
           The Jimena dynasty.
8.                 Which king of Navarre become the most powerful Christian king on the Peninsula?
           Sancho III the Great.
9.                 What territories included the Kingom of this powerful King?
           The Aragonese counties, Castile and part of León.
10.              Which family of the Aragonese counties achieved independence of Navarre after the death of Sancho III?
           The family of Count Aznar Galindo.
11.              Who united the Catalan counties in 874?
           Wilfred the Hairy.
12.              Why was there a period of stability in the Catalan counties?
           Because Wilfred the Hairy had good relations with the caliphs of Córdoba.
13.              When did Catalonia consolidate its independence?
           In the 10th century.

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