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Copy and answer the following questions about the Christian kingdoms.
You have two options:

  • Copy and paste in a document Word and print it.
  • Copy the questions in your notebook and answer them.


  1. Where did many Visigoths take refuge form the Muslims?
  2. When were the Christian kingdoms founded?
  3. Which Kingdom originated in the mountain ranges of Cantabria?
  4. Which Christian kingdoms originated in the Pyrenees?
  5. How long did the Christian kingdoms coexist with Al-Andalus?
  6. When did the Kingdom of Asturias emerged?
  7. Who was chosen as king in 718 in the Kingdom of Asturias?
  8. What happened in 722?
  9. Where was the court of the Kingdom of Asturias established?
  10. What territories did the Kingdom of Asturias strech by 800?
  11. When was the greatest expansion of the Kingdom of Asturias?
  12. When was the capital of the Kingdom of Asturias moved to Leon?
  13. What happened when the capital of the Kingdom of Asturias moved to Leon?


  1. What was the function of Castile when Leon was attacked by the Muslims under the caliphate of Córdoba?
  2. Who ruled the counties of Castile?
  3. When did Leon begin to decline?
  4. When did Castile become independent?
  5. What did the Pyrenean region form within the Carolingean Empire?
  6. What happened when the Carolingean Empire dissolved?
  7. Who ruled in Navarra from the 10th century?
  8. Which king of Navarre become the most powerful Christian king on the Peninsula?
  9. What territories included the Kingom of this powerful King?
  10. Which family of the Aragonese counties achieved independence of Navarre after the death of Sancho III?
  11. Who united the Catalan counties in 874?
  12. Why was there a period of stability in the Catalan counties?
  13. When did Catalonia consolidate its independence?

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