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You have to copy the following two exercises in your notebook:

1.- Copy and answer the following questions:

5.- What was Greek society like?
  • People who took part in politics, enjoyed many rights and paid taxes.________________
  • The poor looked after the children of rich families, worked as peasantas, and sold products in markets.
  • They were not allowed to take part in politics:_______________________
  • They worked in agriculture or did domestic work:___________________
  • They were always under the rule of a man: either their father or their husband:______________
  • Only a minority of people were like this._________________
  • They were not free and were owned by a family and worked for them:____________________
  • They were not allowed to own land or houses:_______________________
  • They were usually prisoners of war or the children of slaves:__________________
  • They worked in trade and crafts:__________________________They could be free or slaves, but they had no rights:_______________
  • They could not take part in politics, vote or go to public shows:_______________
  • The rich looked after their homes and only went out on special occasions:________________
  • They were free, paid taxes and fought in the army:____________________
2.- Copy the social piramid in Ancient Greece on page 116 just drawing a triangle and writing the names.

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