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2.- The European Union: origin and history

1.- Read the text on page 27 and answer the following questions 

• What were the consecuences of World War II (1939-1945) in Europe?

• Which states emerged as superpowers after the war? What happened with them?

• What was European countries´ reaction in this context?

• What were the objectives of European countries?

• What happened in 1951?

• Which countries composed the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC)?

• What were the objectives of the ECSC?

• When was the Treaty of Rome sign? Which countries signed it?

• Which organization appeared with the Treaty of Rome?

• What treaty was signed in 1993? What organization was born with it?

• What happened in 2004?

• What was the result of having amended the European Constitution?

• What are the aims of the EU?

2.- What were the objectives of the Treaty of Rome? 

3.- Do activity 1 on page 28

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