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Dear students,
we´ve already finished our first unit.
According to what you´ve learnt, give your opinion about the two following questions:

1.- Do you think that there are still privileged social groups nowadays? If there are, do they have to do with the privileges of the Ancien Régime?

2.- The Enlightenment thinkers criticised their society and transformed it. What aspects of our current society do you think could be improved? How?

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Do it for Monday, 4th November. If you do it later, you´ll get a negative point.

Once you gave your opinion,


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  1. Welcome to our new classroom activity. I hope it´s easy for you to use this tool. Thank you for your comments.

  2. Yes,I do. For example the kings, but they are less powerful than in the past.
    I think we can improve education in less developed countries by establish
    free schools.

  3. Yes,I do . For example the rich people,nowadays they are more privileged because they handle most of the money and govern the countries.
    I think we can improve public health in less developed countries by built free hospitals.

  4. 1.- I think there will always be social privileged groups but as we developed, they will have less privileges.
    2.- Mainly, education and health having at least a public school and a public health center for each region.

  5. 1-Yes. For example, rich people usually have priviledges under the law.
    2.In crisis time, governments should improve public services, like education and healthy.

  6. 1.- Yes, I do. I think that rich people have a lot of priviledges in comparsion with poor people.
    2.- I think that the taxes paid by the citizens should be used to improve education and public healthy.

  7. 1. Yes, I think rich people have always more priviledges than poor or middle-class people, it is not as hard as in the Ancien Régime but there are still differences between groups.
    2. Nowadays, with this political party, rich people is becoming richer and richer and the rest of the population have to pay more. I think they should improve public services and waste less in things that aren't important.

  8. 1- Yes, I think rich people continued to be privileged, and there is a lot of differences with poor people.
    2- I think we can improve public education and built hospitals and schools in poor countries.

  9. 1. I think rich people in a society nowadays have more priviledges than the rest of the society, but is not as in the Ancien Régime, but people in middle class don't have the same advantages as rich people

    2. We could improve public services, such as schools or hospitals, reducing taxes and gave to them more technology or services to improve them and their quality.

  10. 1- Yes, I do. Nowadays; much rich people are more powerfull tahn poor people, but is not as extreme as in the Ancien Régime.
    2- Many pucblic services should be improved; and taxes need to be reduced. Many people in our country are becoming poor becouse of the crisis, our political party should improve this.

  11. 1.- Hemos avanzado más que la sociedad del Antiguo Régimen, eso está claro pero sigo pensando que todavía sigue existiendo una gran diferencia de clases sociales. Hoy en día hay menos ricos, aunque con la actual crisis económica se estan haciendo más ricos. Y también a la vez, más pobres, estamos destruyendo la clase media. Por eso sí, se podría decir que siguen teniendo más privilegios.
    2.- Como he dicho antes, hemos avanzado, con los "ilustradores" conseguimos conseguir una sociedad más equilibrada y más igual para todos, con los mismos derechos y deberes. Aún así, también pienso que estamos retrocediendo. Por ejemplo, estamos quitando recortando en salud y educación en vez de quitar en cosas menos importantes.

    1. You must write your comments in English.

  12. 1-Yes, they have more priviledges, and there is a lot of difference between priviledge people and the middle class even so these differences have been reduced since the Ancient Regime.
    2-We can improve the health care by building hospitals and keeping it public.

  13. 1- nowadays , higher classes (politics, rich people ...) still having privileges , better life for middle classes , althougt we deceive , steal .. etc and more of the same for lower classes.
    2- control the actions of the police, better have some power over us, but that's to go beating up, to skip rights or impose fines so that if, if I'm generalizing, moreover education should be next to health as important for maintaining the condition and the people, but of course a people uneducated is easier to handle, raise taxes but reasonably, and fewer trips between politicians and major events that are very expensive, in my opinion shouldn't continue having king in Spain and what is needed is innovative young people with new ideas about politics , less power the clergy and stop trying to boast of country and worry more to improve the welfare of the people because we are the future.... is my opinion .

  14. Jose Javier Zamarreño4 de noviembre de 2013, 10:18

    1.I think that nowardays exists diferences between richer and poor people. Richer people continue have privileges but less than in the past.

    2. If taxes were used to improve health and education more people could have a better life. The solution will probably be to reduce taxes and to have a free and equal education.

  15. 1.- Yes, I do. I think there still are privileged social groups, for example, rich people like kings or politicians will always have priviledges concerning the law.
    2.- I think governments and politicians should aim to attend public services mainly those concerning health and education with taxes paid by citizens.

  16. Jesús Daniel Vicente Gtez.4 de noviembre de 2013, 16:34

    1. Yes, I think that in modern society there are still privileged social groups but even so there are less differences between them and the middle-lower class.
    2.I think we could reduce the differences between the social groups reducing taxes, we could also give more importance to the investigation and technological areas and bet on the young generations and their innovative ideas.
    We could compete against ignorance creating new schools in less developed areas.

  17. 1. I think yes, because in many circunstances, rich people have more oportunities. For example, sometimes rich people have a better education in private schools, or privileges under the law. Some of their privileges are similar tothe Ancien Régime.

    2. We can improve education hiring better teachers and demand more to the students. We could reduce the privileges of the rich people and be all equal socially and under the law.
    We should invest our country´s money to improve hospitals, education and other services.

  18. 1. Yes,the differences exist now and in the Ancient Régime.I think that kind of people had more privileges.Benefits like the law,the politic and the economy were on favour rich people. The rich were richer and the poor were poorer

    2. I think that people that are in the power can use money of taxes for improve the public education and healthy.

  19. 1.- Yes, I think nowadays rich people have more privileges than poor people, but they have less privileges than in the past.

    2.- I think that the government should improve public services, such as public education and health.

    1. Next time I won´t wait so much.


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