lunes, 14 de octubre de 2013


The exam may have the following exercises:

  • Definitions of the important concepts of the unit. In Unit 3, you must know how to define the following concepts:
      • Ancient Regime
      • Subsistence economy
      • Mercantilism
      • Commercial capitalism
      • Physiocracy
      • Triangular Trade
      • Estates of the realm
      • Bourgeoise
      • Divine right of the kings
      • Political liberalism
      • Enlightenment
      • Popular sovereignty
      • Enlightened despotism
      • USA Constitution 1787
      • Treaty of Utrecht 1714
      • Rococo
      • Neoclasicism
  • A long question (Write a short essay about an important movement, event, and so on)
  • Short questions about specific events, important people, documents...
  • Objective exercises: put the events in order, true or false sentences, matching words and definitions, choosing the correct word, filling the gaps, finding mistakes in a sentence, complete a table ...
  • Interprete a map, a graph, an image, a work of art...

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