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  1. Name the two movements of the Earth.
  2. Copy the following parts of the sentences in your notebook and match them.
a.- The Earth spins                                                      A.- vary throughout the year.
b.- The two points where the axis meets                     B.- the Sun cannot light up the whole planet at the same time.
c.- The Earth spins in an                                              C.- an imaginary straight line called axix.
d.- It completes                                                           D.- and where it is night change all the time.
e.- The Earth is a sphere, so                                         E.- the Earth´s surface are called the poles.
f.- The Earth is always                                                  F.- anticlockwise direction.
g.- The areas where it is day                                         G.- spinning.
h.- The length of day and night                                      H.- its rotation every 24 hours.

3.- Copy the following text and fill the gaps with the help of page 37.

The Earth takes ___________ days and almost ________ hours to __________ the Sun.
The Earth is __________. Consequently, as the Earth ___________ around the Sun, the ________ at which the Sun´s _________ reach each hemisphere changes. This makes ____________ warmer at certain times of the year and prudces the different ________________.

It is summer in a place when the Sun´s rays are almost ____________ to it.
It is winter when the rays arrive at an ____________ angle.
Spring and autumn are the _____________ seasons.

The seasons are the opposite in the ______________ and _____________ hemisphere.

  • If it is ___________in one hemisphere, it is winter in the other.
  • If it is spring in one hemisphere, it is ____________in the other.
4.- Look at the illustration about Equinoxes and solstices in the northern hemisphere and complete the following sentences:
  • The Winter solstice is _________________
  • The Spring equinox is _________________
  • The Summer solstice is __________________
  • The Autumn equinox is ___________________

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