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Check your answers:

4.- What was a fief?
1       It is a piece of land that nobles received in exchange for swearing allegiance to the king.
2       There are a castle, villages, agricultural land and pasture, forests, a demesne, plots of land for the peasants, a mill, etc.
3       A demesne is the part of land on the manor used by the lord himself.
4       The lord rented plots of land to the peasants, so that they could grow their own food. The peasants paid their rent in money, products or work on the lord´s land.
5       The peasants couldn´t use the forests whenever they liked to because the forests belonged to the lord and he decided when the peasants could hunt there or collect firewood.
6       The lords administered justice and collected taxes.
7       The lords also took a toll or tax from the merchants.
8       A toll was a tax that paid the merchants who crossed the lord´s bridges and land.

5.-Who were the nobles? True or false.
1       False. Some nobles...
2       True
3       False. At the age of eight.
4       True
5       True
6       False. Just in wars.
7       True
8       False. Marriages were arranged by parents.
9       True
10    True
6.- Questions about the nobles
1       They fought on horseback, and their weapons were the lance, the shield and the mace.
2       They served as pages to an important noble and learned to tight.
3       The nobles were made knights when they proved their worth, at the age of twenty.
4       The noblewomen organised the servants, educated the children and did sewing and weaving.

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