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You are going to become "Video makers".

Make a video of 5 minutes about the following artistic styles.

  • Form groups of four people.
  • Choose one of these contents:
    • Empire Style (Aida and her group)
    • Goya (chosen by Carlos and his group)
    • Cast-iron architecture (Estela and her group)
    • Realism (María Barbero and her group)
    • Romanticism (chosen by Fran and his group)
      • Be carefull!!! Each group must work one different content. Groups musn´t work the same content.
      • Groups must come to an agreement in order to choose the content.
      • Use your book and extra information on the web, books, and so on.
  • Make up a situation. Imagine you are:
    • A tourist guide with a group in a museum.
    • A documentary with a especialist explaining different works of art, the artistic period, author´s biography...
    • An interview to the real author (painter, sculpture, architect)
    • Click here to watch an example of the activity you must do.
  • Technology 
    • A videocamera
    • A mobile phone with videocamera
    • A computer
    • The Internet
  • How are you going to prepare the activity?
    • Each group must plan the phases of the activity, the time, the content, the needs, and so on.
    • Each group must distribute the tasks among its members:
      • Audio: look for a piece of music related to the historical period connected to the artistic style you are working.
      • Text:
        • Look for information related to the artistic style, the period, the works of art, the authors, and so on.
        • Make up a dialogue among the four components of the group to create a real story.
        • Maybe you can make up a monologue to conect the dialogues.
        • Any other ideas.
      • Images: look for images of the works of art you are going to explain.
    • Edit the video
      • Use the program "Windows Movie Maker" to create your video.
    • Prepare a test for your partners about the artistic style you have studied.
  • You must send your videos to your teacher´s mail until the 16th of december.
  • We´ll visualize the videos during the last week before Christmas. You must do creative videos and you must try to pronounce well and to give clear information, so that your partners can complete your test.

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