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Make an essay about this film completing the following aspects:
  • Historical Period
  • Notes on aspects of the film which are interesting from a historical perspective:
    • Ways of thinking (ideologies)
    • Politics
      • People
      • Conflicts
      • Important historical events
    • The economy
      • Types of economy
      • Economic activities
    • Society
      • Type of society
      • Social groups
      • Daily life
    • Culture
      • Scientific advances
  • Summary of the film
  • Your opinion

Date: You must give your essay to your teacher until 9th January.

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  1. -Historical period.
    The film is ambientated in the 1750s, when the Industrial Revolution started.
    -Aspects of the film which are interesting from a historical perspective:
    •Ways of thinking.
    At the beginning of the film everyone thinks that they have to follow the rules that the company has imposed them, but when Etienne arrives to the town he convince the other miners they can’t continue obeying all the time.
    -Conflicts: there is a conflict between the miners that go on strike and the miners that want to continue working on the mine.
    •The economy.
    -Types of economy: in the film there are some rich people, but the mayority of citizens are poor.
    -Economic activities: the mayority of the people work in mining, and others have small shops.
    -Type of society: class-based society.
    -Social groups: the society was divided into three groups, the upper class, the middle class and the working class.
    -Daily life: the wealthy bourgeoisie enjoyed their lifes while the working class worked all day for a low wage, and they starved.
    -Scientific advances: innovations in transport, textile and communications.

    -Summary of the film.
    The film is about a poor family in which the father and the older children work on mining. A foreigner arrive in the town and starts to work on the mine, but when the company reduce their wages, he starts to convince the others that they have to go on strike because their conditions are unfair. The workers that go on strike have conflicts with the workers that continue working.
    When all the workers go to the mine to protest, a kind of police man shoots the father and he dies.
    The oldest daughter and the foreigner decide to continue working on the mine because they need money. The mine floods and the girl dies, but the foreigner can finally survive.
    The mother has to start working in the mine, and the foreigner leaves the town.
    -Your opinion.
    I liked this film because is a good way to understand better the Industrial Revolution.


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