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1.- How did Rome become an Empire?

  1. Rome was on the River Tiber on the Italian Peninsula.
  2. Because it is in the centre of the Mediterranean.
  3. To extend their territories on three continents; Europe, Africa and Asia.
  4. Order: Rome conquered all the territories on the Italian Peninsula. Rome expanded across the Mediterranean. Roman territoires stretched north to south....
  5. Italia, Africa, Oriens, Moesia, Thracia, Oriens, Pannonia, Gallia, Hispania, Britannia.
  6. The United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon.
  7. They were made slaves.
  8. Romans spread their language, Latin, their laws , and their way of life.
  9. The empire was organised into provinces controlled by a governor.
2.- What were the Monarchy and the Republic?
  1. The Monarchy: complete the gaps.
  2. The Republic
    1. The Republic
    2. Comitias, Magistratus and Senate
    3. Correct institution
      1. Senate
      2. Comitias
      3. Senate
      4. Magistratus
      5. Senate
      6. Magistratus
      7. Senate
      8. Comitias
      9. Magistratus
    4. Define:
      1. The patricians were a minority formed by the richest and most powerful families. They claimed to be descendants of the founders of Rome.
      2. The plebeians were all the other citizens.
      3. The tribune of the plebeians was a plebeians´ representative to defend their interests in the Senate.
3.- How did the Republic evolve?
  1. The Punic Wars took place.
  2. Rome and Carthage.
  3. Carthage was a North African power.
  4. There were three Punic Wars.
  5. These wars lasted over a hundred years.
  6. Rome extended its power around the Mediterranean.
  7. The Republic was weakened by corruption and internal conflicts.
  8. The power of the military increased.
  9. They formed triumvirates.
  10. Triumvirates area alliances of three men who shared power.
  11. Julius Caesar, Crassus and Pomepy.
  12. There was a civil war.
  13. Julius Caesar won and was proclaimed perpetual dictator.
  14. Julius Caesar was assassinated by a group of senators and suporters of the Republic.
  15. Mark Antony, Lepidus and Octavian.
  16. Octavian.
4.- How was the Roman Empire created?
  1. Octavian Augustus.
  2. Augustus means "chosen by the gods".
  3. Functions of the Roman emperor:
    1. He presided over the senate.
    2. He was the head of the army.
    3. He was the highest religious leader.
    4. He directed foreign policy.
    5. He dictated laws.
    6. He decided upon taxes.
  4. In the 1st and 2nd centuries AD.
  5. Claudius, Vespasian, Trajan and Marcus Aurelius.
  6. Label the different parts of the sculpture of Octavian Augustus (Ejercicio parecido al del faraón: asociar las frases a cada parte de la estatua y saberlo traducir)
5.- Why did the Roman Empire decline?
  1. The Roman Empire suffered a crisis.
  2. Peasants and soldiers.
  3. The cities were attacked.
  4. The population sought refuge in the country.
  5. Because they were unable to solve these problems.
  6. Germanic tribes.
  7. Barbarians. It means "foreigners".
  8. The Persians.
  9. Reforms were carried out to resolve the problems in the empire. The economy recovered, and the frontiers were strengthened.
  10. Constantine tolerated Christianity. He also moved the capital to Constantinople, and improved bureaucracy.
  11. The Huns.
  12. The Germanic tribes.
  13. The Romans were unable to stop the invastion of these barbarians.
  14. The empire was divided into two, so that it could be defended more easily.
  15. In Rome.
  16. In Constantinople.
  17. No, each empire had its own emperor and its own institutions.
  18. No, they couldn´t. These tribes formed their own kingdoms.
  19. In 476, the Germanic tribes deposed the last Western Roman Emperor, bringing the Empire to an end. The new period is called "The Middle Ages".
  20. The Eastern Empire lasted another thousand years.
  21. Byzantine Empire.

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