jueves, 16 de octubre de 2014


You must study the following points of UNIT 1:

  • The solar system
  • Movements of the Earth: Rotation and Revolution.
  • Definition of geographic network, parallels, meridians. Interprete illustrations about parallels and meridians.
  • To find places in a map using the geographic coordinates.
  • Calculate the time with the help of the map of time zones.
  • Characteristics of the layers of the Earth.
  • Interprete the map about main volcanoes, seismic zones and tectonic plates.
  • Identify the landforms of Continental and Oceanic Relief and know how to define them.
  • Definition of Rivers, deltas, estuaries, volume of a river, riverbed, drainage basin, total catchment area, lakes, groundwater, aquifers, glaciers, oceans, seas, u-shaped valleys.
  • A climate graph similar of one of those which we analised in class. (Try to study the graphs and their characteristics about temperatures, precipitations, dry seasons...)
  • Identify pictures of natural landscapes and explain its characteristics related to climate, vegetation, soil and fauna.

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