martes, 7 de octubre de 2014


Dear students,

Studying History is hard. Studying History in English is very hard. You must make a double effort in order to pass this subject. Please follow these tips to succeed:

  • Read the lesson and study EVERY DAY.
  • Make sure that you understand all the vocabulary in the text.
  • Make a list of the key words related to History.
  • When you study the lesson, try to write it down without looking at the book, so that you can learn how to write full sentences with connectors in English. Make sure you can build correct sentences and paragraphs.
  • Do your homework EVERY DAY. It helps you understand the text and learn the subject.
  • Use the Power Point in order to reinforce your knowledge: use the pictures, maps, diagrams, and so on, at the same time you are studying.
  • Make diagrams, summaries and so on in order to help you study.
  • Read the lesson for the following day and underline the words that you don´t understand. This will help you follow the lesson and the teacher in class.

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