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Dear students,
we´ve already finished our first unit.
According to what you´ve learnt, give your opinion about the two following questions:

1.- Do you think that there are still privileged social groups nowadays? If there are, do they have to do with the privileges of the Ancien Régime?

2.- The Enlightenment thinkers criticised their society and transformed it. What aspects of our current society do you think could be improved? How?

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Do it for Monday, 10th November. If you do it later, you´ll get a negative point.

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  1. 1) Yes,there are still privileged social groups. No, the actual privileges are different to the privileges of the Ancien Regime.
    2) Maybe the education, increasing the scolarchips and having more opportunities to study.

  2. Mònica Gutiérrez París8 de noviembre de 2014, 10:55

    1.- Do you think that there are still privileged social groups nowadays? If there are, do they have to do with the privileges of the Ancien Régime?
    Yes, there are still social groups nowadays. No, our privileged social groups are diferent of Ancient Régime’s privileged social groups.
    An example of the privileged social groups nowadays: in our country the royal family or the politicians have a lot of power, they earn a lot of amounts of money doing their jobs, and I think that these jobs are normal such as teachers or doctors who earn normaly incomes.

    2.- The Enlightenment thinkers criticised their society and transformed it. What aspects of our current society do you think could be improved? How?
    In my opinion in our society lacks respect, understanding, freedom.. and hipocrisy, falsenes, ambition, wars… left over.
    I think that we can improve it if all of us try to change these bad nouns to other good nouns that means the opposite. If we do it we will have a good society in our country and in all of the world.

  3. 1) Yes,there are still privileged social grups.No,the actual privileges are diferents from the Ancient Regime's privileges
    2) We can try to change the political ideas, that all people have the same rights and opportunities

  4. 1. Nowadays, there are still privileged social groups, such as kings, counts and dukes.
    But they aren't like the privileged people of the Ancien Regime, now the king's power is limited by the government, and nobles have no special privileges, they are only a representative of the country.

    2. There are corruption and abuse of power.
    Politicians and nobles must obey the rights and duties of citizens that were written in the Spanish Constitution.

  5. Nuria González Martínez9 de noviembre de 2014, 12:58

    1- Yes, there are still privileged social groups nowadays. No, they don't have to do whith the privileged social groups of the Ancien Régime. For example, today politicians, the royal family, big merchants etc. receive large amounts of money while the rest of the people receives less money doing other works that are sometimes ever more hard.
    2- We could improve if we cared more about the others and not just in ourselves . The Royal Family, politicians etc. should receive less money and give more money to the citiziens for their works. They can also improve education by lowering prices and adding more resources. Definitely, everyone should have the same opportunities.

  6. 1) Yes, there are privileged social groups and now the social privileged groups are different like the Ancien Regime
    2) I think that our government must change: the health service because there are less people than politics and the government must change also the education giving more money to the education and health service than for innecesary things

  7. Lidia Duarte Cosgaya9 de noviembre de 2014, 21:05

    1)I think that today there is much difference in social classes, people less dependent on the other, there are people who have money and live well, one that is right and live as you can, and limited lives, but we are not differentiated by clergy, nobility, peasants ..
    2)Everything has changed, we can pick and choose what we want, people now iene studies, decent work, with insurance, their holidays, workers are not exploited, the policy also change, we are in democracy

  8. 1)Yes,there are privileged social groups nowadays.Yes they continue with sames privileges that the Ancien Régime.Politician and kings have special laws,they pay their taxes with our money and also received incomes from us.Most politicians don´t work and kings inheriting their titles and lands.
    2)The equality of all citizens,education and health.All people should have equal rights and the education must to be completely free and health too.

  9. 1)Yes, today there are privileged people but not as privileged social groups of Ancient Régimen.
    2)De could improve, if all citizens contribute our knowledges and the heads of State don't steal more.

  10. 1= I think yes,there are still privileged social groups because there are people who are a lot of money. No,the actual privileges are diferent from the Ancient Regime's privileges.

    2= I think that the people should be spend less money on innecesary things. They must to pay less to people who do nothing(people who work and there win a lot of money and do nothing)These people must to win less money and have everyone the same opportunities to study,to do a job and to have health.

  11. Belén Simal Múgica12 de noviembre de 2014, 21:51

    1) Yes, I think it. There are priviledged people such as the politics and the royal family and there´s not priviledged people but there are different powers of the ancient regime, for example, now there´s not slaves,the clergy does not have the same power as then and nowadays we´re technologically advanced.

    2)We can try to change some laws that are unfair with some people for others that can help for make a better country.

  12. 1- Yes, in the actually thera are still privileged social groups, but they don´t have the same privileges like in the Ancient Régime. Some people have more money than others, but we have the same rights.

    2- I want to change a lot of things in this society. I think that all the people that steal money have to pay it with interest, i wil create a lot of companies and everybody could work, because is very important be ambitious and think in the others to be easier yo change society.


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