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You must take a photograph of a rural space. Try to find a special landscape where you can describe a lot of things that we study in Geography.

1.- You must send me your picture by mail or give it to me in a pendrive on the 17th March.

2.- The photograph must be accompanied by the following information:

  • Where and when you took the photo. (Place and date)
  • Explanation of the geographical theme (60-120 words). Try to explain the picture as if you were a teacher and as if you were writing the caption of a picture in a book.

Here you are some tips to comment:

  • Physical elements
    • Type of relief
    • Lakes, reservoirs, rivers...
    • Type of natural vegetation
    • Type of climate
  • Human elements
    • Inhabited space (page 60)
      • Individual farms, villages or small towns
      • rural settlement
        • dispersed settlement
        • nucleated settlement
        • interspersed settlement
      • Villages
        • linear, nucleated or radial villages
    • Cultivated space: characteristics of the plots of land (page 94)
      • Size
      • Shape
      • Boundaries
    • Crop agricultural practices (if there are in your picture) (page 96)
      • Irrigated or rain-fed agriculture
      • Monoculture or mixed cropping
      • Intensive or extensive agriculture 
    • Livestock farming (if there are in your picture) (page 98)
      • Extensive or intensive livestock farming
      • Grazing, confined or semi-confined livestock
You don´t need to comment all the elements. Just those which appear in your photo.

Be original! Your picture is going to be hung on the wall as a PHOTO GALLERY!

The best photographs will be sent to the School Competition. You may win a prize of 125€!!!

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