lunes, 28 de septiembre de 2015


Copy the following questions in your notebook and answer them with information of the book:

  1. - Name the two ways in which the Earth moves: 
  2. - Define Rotation 
  3. - What is the name of the imaginary line on which the Earth rotates? 
  4. - How is the Earth axis? 
  5. - Where does the Earth axis run through? 
  6. - Explain what causes days and nights. 
  7. - Define revolution 
  8. - How long does it take to the Earth to complete one revolution? 
  9. - How many days has a calendar year? 
  10. - Why do we add one day to the month of February every 4 years? 
  11. - What´s the name of the year with 366 days? 
  12. - Why do the Sun´s rays hit the Earth differently? 
  13. - What is the consecuence of the Earth revolving around the Sun? 
  14. - Are the seasons in Northern and Southern Hemispheres the same? Explain it. 
  15. - In which cardinal point does the Sun rise? 
  16. - In which cardinal point does the Sun set? 
  17. - Name the four cardinal points. 
  18. - What is a compass used for? 
  19. - What do the magnetised needles of the compass point to? 

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