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Make the following activities on your Physical World Map.
You must hand in this activity next Wednesday 30th of September.
Remember that you must hand in your map ON time.
Follow the instructions.

Point the following features on the map:

a) Colour the continents:

  • European continent: light red
  • Africa: light yelow
  • Asia: light orange
  • Oceania: light purple
  • America: light green

b) Point the following places on the map. Write just the NUMBER corresponding to each one with its own colour.

Example: 1.- Rocky Mountains (I locate the Rocky Mountains on the map and I write numbre 1 ir red colour)

MOUNTAINS (write the numbers in RED)

  1. Rocky Mountains
  2. Andes
  3. Appalachian Mountains
  4. Sierra Madre Occidental
  5. Sierra Madre Oriental
  6. Atlas
  7. Rift Valley
  8. Drankensberg Mountains
  9. Pyrenees
  10. Alps
  11. Carpathians
  12. Appenines
  13. Caucasus
  14. Ural Mountains
  15. Himalaya
  16. Cherskiv Mountains
  17. Verjoiansk Mountains
  18. Kolyma Mountains
  19. Great Dividing Range

PLAINS AND PLATEAUS (write the numbers in BLUE)
  1. Great American Plains
  2. Amazon Plain
  3. Gran Chaco
  4. Pampa
  5. Great European Plain
  6. Iranian Plateau
  7. Tibet plateau
  8. Pamir Plateau
  9. Mogolian Plateau
  10. Great China Plain
  11. Manchurian Plain
  12. Central Siberian Plateau
  13. Westen Siberian Plateau
  14. Northern Siberian Plateau
  15. Kazajastan Plateau

DESERTS (write the number in BLACK)
  1. Namib Desert
  2. Kalahari Desert
  3. Sahara Desert
  4. Great Victoria Desert
  5. Gran Sandy Desert

PENINSULAS  (write th number in GREEN)
  1. Alaska
  2. Labrador
  3. Florida
  4. Iberian Península
  5. Anatolian Península
  6. Balkan Península
  7. Scandinavian Península
  8. Kola Península
  9. Arabian Península
  10. Hindustan Peninsula
  11. Indochine Peninsula
  12. Korean Peninsula
  13. Kamchatka Península

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