lunes, 19 de octubre de 2015


Dear students,

you must complete the following Document Word with information from the BOOK.

  1. Give the teacher a pendrive to copy the Document Word below or send her an e-mail.
  2. Answer the questions with information from the book.
  3. You must add several pictures. Some of them are in the document Word, so you can copy and paste them. But you must find the rest of the pictures on the Internet.
  4. Work in pairs. DIVIDE your tasks, but YOU TWO must have a look to the final result, because your partner may have made mistakes. So each member of the group must SUPERVISE the other´s work.
  5. The Document Word must be in the same format (same type and size of letter, the same points, the same size and colour of titles, the same size of the pictures, and so on).
  6. The first page must have the title of the artistic styles, the name of the two students and the date of delivering.
  7. You must start your activities on the second page.

BE CAREFUL: you must add a caption in each picture.

 Dome of the Rock Mosque

The caption is "Dome of the Rock Mosque".

You must hand in this project on the 9th of November by e-mail or in a pendrive.

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