viernes, 9 de octubre de 2015



You must work in pairs or in groups of three.

You must complete a Document Word about Spanish History with information given in units 3 and 4 and pictures that you´ll find on the Internet. Download the document below.

Your answers must be writen in BLUE, so that they can be distinguised from the questions given.

You must hand in this project to your teacher by mail or in a pendrive on Friday, 27th of November

Divide your tasks, but you all must have a look to the final result since the final score will be the same for all the members of the group. 
I trust on each group. Don´t send the writen  information to other groups. Each group must work on their own.
You can work together at home, in the library, at school, but if it is not possible, use the TICs (e-mail, google drive, pendrive and so on). 
The aim is to make you learn how to work in groups. You may work like this in your future jobs and you must know how to deal with your partners.

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