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The Groundwater Song Lyrics

There’s something here that you should know.
The story of water from down below.
I’m ground water, I’m all around.
Most of your water is underground.
The water we have is all the same.
I’m used over and over again.
I surrounded the castle with a watery mote and I float along under Huck Finn’s boat.
I once dripped down as dinosaur drool and now I’m the cool that fills your swimming pool.
In the drops of snow and rain, an age old cycle again and again.

Under the ground.
Flowin’ down, in the ground.
Groundwater, all around.
Don’t ya know why we should care?
The water we use is every where.

Ridin’ along the aquafers,
deep down under where no one stirs.
I feed the lakes, streams, and land.
I’m pulled by wells, I’m in demand!
Flowin’ along the great buried treasures,
Slippin’ through places too small to measure!
I may start off with an oily sheen,
But the dirt and rocks help keep me clean…

Swallow and swim!
Shave and spray!
We all use water everyday.
Some for fishes!
Some for dishes!
But is there enough for everyone’s wishes?

Use it!
Don’t abuse it!
We use our groundwater everyday.
Let’s make sure it’s here to stay.

Oh, rainy days, I must lament.
The troubles I have with tar and cement.
I can’t fill the ground if I can’t get through.
I’m groundwater.
My power is vast,
But waste and pollution keeps me from my task.
If we’re not careful clean water won’t last.

Without some help
We can’t carry on.
What will we do
If  the water is gone?

Every time you brush your teeth
Remember the water underneath.
Next time wait stop and think,
Before you dump stuff down the sink.
Do your part for water power.
Learn to take a shorter shower.
The stuff that makes your grass look swell,
Will end up later in your well!

Groundwater -

As you plan to build and grow
Leave open space for water to flow.

Be aware-
Show you care-

Now you are in the know.
Don’t forget the water down below.
Don’t forget the water down below.
Don’t forget the water down below! 

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