domingo, 31 de enero de 2016


Read pages  17 - 22 and answer the following questions. Copy the questions and the answers in your notebook.

11.    How did workers protect the top of the walls from the frost during the snowy winter?
2.    Who succeeded to King Louis VII (The Young)?
3.    What happened on May 13, 1183?
4.    Who visited Notre Dame de Paris in 1185? Which historical event would start from this visit?
5.    When did Bishop Maurice de Sully die? Who succeeded him?
6.    What event took place in 1239 in Notre Dame de Paris?
7.    Why can we say that the façade of this cathedral is a book of stone?
8.    Who are the three main doors of this cathedral dedicated to?
9.    What scene does the tympanum of the central door show?
10. What scene does the tympanum of the left door show?
11. What scene does the tympanum of the right door show?
12. What is the meaning do the great rose window?
13. Why didn´t the towers have spires?

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