viernes, 5 de febrero de 2016


  • Read from page 23 to page 32.
  • Copy the questions in your notebook and answer them.

  1. Who was the king of France in 1235? Who was his mother?
  2. What would be the use of the north door and the south door, according to the architect Jean de Chelles?
  3. What would be the chapels of the tradesmen´s guilds for?
  4. What was the Hôtel-Dieu used for during the reign of Louis IX (Saint Louis)?
  5.  How many inhabitants did Paris have under St. Louis?
  6. Which important person came to teach in the famous university of Paris and visited Notre-Dame?
  7. Explain the process of making the blown-glass used in a stained glass window.
  8. Which gift did St. Louis and his mother gave to Notre-Dame of Paris?
  9. What scenes are represented in the north rose window?
  10. What is represented in the south rose window?
  11. What is the meaning of the sword coming out of our Lord´s mouth in the south rose window?
  12. What did the Duke of Berry provide for the Cathedral?
  13. Why did traders need a cathedral in Paris?
  14. What was the Bishop´s pillory was set out on the square next to Notre-Dame for?
  15. Which great events took place in the cathedral?

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