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▪ Your task is to design a virtual, 3D-Animated museum exhibition on a topic or theme of your choice.

▪ Choose your images carefully: you have space for TEN exhibits.

▪ You can give each exhibit a title and a description for maximum educational effect.

▪ When you have finished you can save your work for future editing, and embed your work into your own website.

▪ Use this template to help you plan your project: your teacher may insist that you complete this sheet before you access the 3D Gallery Generator at

  • Introduce the following pictures:
    • Florence Cathedral
    • Rucellai Palace 
    • St. Peter´s Basilica in the Vatican City
    • Villa Rotonda
    • "David" by Donatello
    • "David" by Michelangelo
    • "The birth of Venus"
    • "The Gioconda"
    • "Sixtine Chapel"
    • "School of Athens".
  • In the description of each picture, introduce the name of the artist, the place where we can visit it and the characteristics of architecture, sculpture or painting, depending of the type of workart depicted in the picture.
  • SEND an e-mail to your teacher ( In the subject of the e-mail write your names, and in the box paste the URL and EMBED of your final task.
Due date: 29th April

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