jueves, 22 de septiembre de 2016


  • Take a piece of paper from your folder.
  • Write the title of the unit with beautiful letters.
  • Copy the questions in BLUE and the answers in BLACK.
  • We will correct this activity on Monday, 26th September.
  • Watch the video as many times as you need until you understand the information.


Activity from the blog n.1: PLANET EARTH
  1. What kind of bodies is Solar System made of?
  2. Why do all these bodies revolve around the Sun?
  3. What is the Sun?
  4. Can any living things survive without the Sun?
  5. How many planets are there in our Solar System? Make a list of them.
  6. Which is the hottest planet on the Solar System?
  7. Give information about the position of the Earth in the solar system.
  8. Why does the Earth look blue from space?
  9. How long does the Moon take to revolve around the Earth?
  10. Does the Moon emit light?
  11. What are asteroids?
  12. Where can we find a lot of asteroids in the solar system?
  13. What are comets?
  14. What happenes to the tails of the comets as they aproach to the Sun?
  15. What kind of materials are expelled from the comet when it is very hot?
  16. What is a galaxy?
  17. In which galaxy do we live? What shape does it have?
  18. Which elemets make the universe?

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