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  • Take a piece of paper from your folder.
  • Write the title of the unit with beautiful letters.
  • Copy the questions in BLUE and the answers in BLACK.
  • We will correct this activity on Monday, 26th September.


Activity 1

Watch the following video about the evolucion of the Roman territories until minute 3:20 and answer the following questions:

Key: this video has no sound. It´s just a kind of a timeline. You have to watch the evolution of the territories on the map and the dates that appear on the top right of the screen.

  1. When did Rome appear?
  2. Which territories were conquered during the first half of the 3rd century B.C.?
  3. Which territories were conquered from the second half of hte 3rd century until year 1 B.C.?
  4. Which territories were conquered from around the year 50 A.D to 90 A.D.?
  5. What happened in 395 A.D.?
  6. Which tribes conquered the Roman Empire at the beginning of the 5th century A.D.?

Activity 2

Read the text about the Roman Empire and answer the following questions.

Click HERE to read the text.

1. What powers did the Roman Emperor have?
2. Make a list of the emperors who appear in the text and explain what they were famous for.
3. How many periods was the Empire divided into? Complete the following chart:

              Name of the period               Dates                   Important Emperors

4. Define "Pax Romana"
5. Make a diagram about the four most important problems in the 3rd century that made the empire go into economic and political decline.
6. What happened in 395 A.D.?
7. What problem did Rome have to face at the beginning of the 5th century?
8. What happened in 476 A.D.? Why is this date so important?

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