domingo, 13 de noviembre de 2016


Exam Unit 1. November 18th

What do you have to study for the exam?

  1. Population explotion
    • How many people are there in the world?
    • What is the evolution of world population since 1804 to the present?
    • What are the factors of this growth in the different periods of this evolution?
  2. Over-population and its consequences. The case of Nigeria.
  3. Under-population and its consequences. The case of Australia.
  4. Natural population change, birth rate and death rate. Net migration. Overall population change.
  5. The Demographic transition model. Reasons for falling birth rates and death rates in developed countries.
  6. Differences in population growth in LEDCs AND MEDCs. Population growth in four countries: Denmark, Bostwana, Uganda and China.
  7. Population policies. The role of the government. Cases of Singapore and China.

  • Pay attention to graphs, maps and pictures.
  • Review the tasks of every point of the list.

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