miércoles, 29 de marzo de 2017


Step 1: write an article or an interview. (Minimun - 10 lines; Maximum - one page)

Due date: 4th may

Articles to write:

  • The Turks interrupt the trade routes between Europe and the Far East.

  • Bartolomeu Dias´ expedition

  • Vasco da Gama´s expedition

  • Chirstopher Columbus´ first expedition

  • Americo Vespucci´s discovery

  • The first map on which America appears

  • Magellan´s expedition until his death

  • Juan Sebastian Elcano takes command.

  • The Treaty of Tordesillas

  • Indigenous population in America

Step 2: Make a radio program

Use the Internet tool SPREAKER

In pairs, make a radio program. Broadcast the news about the Age of Discoveries. Introduce music and effects. Create a podcast and send it to your teacher´s e-mail. We will post it on the blog of the British Project. 

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