martes, 28 de marzo de 2017

3rd British: Click2map Agricultural systems

Objective: Create a map with and locate some agricultural systems in the world.

Title of the map: Agricultural systems in the world


  • Make a map locating the following agricultural systems in the world.
  • You must send the link of your map to your teacher by e-mail (


  • Learn how to use clic2map. 
  • Search a picture of the following agricultural systems on the net. 
  • For every agricultural system, locate a marker on the map indicating the type of agricultural system, the name and a picture of it.

  • Subsistence farming (Marker in BLUE)
    • Subsistence farming in Ganges River, India and Bangladesh.
    • Slash-and-burn agriculture in Peru
    • Shifting cultivation in Indonesia
    • Intensive agriculture of Monsoon Asia
  • Commercial farming (Marker in GREEN)
    • Advanced agriculture in Europe: Lynford hall farm, Cambridgeshire, UK
    • Advanced agriculture in USA: Arkansas
    • Plantations: Coffee farming in Vietnam
    • Plantations: banana plantation in Costa Rica 
    • Mediterranean agriculture: vines in California
    • Mediterranean agriculture: wheat fields in Valladolid
    • Mediterranean agriculture: Olive groves in Tuscany (Italy)
    • Intensive agriculture: Greenhouses in El Ejido (Almería, Spain)

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