lunes, 8 de mayo de 2017

3rd British: Exam Primary Sector

Exam:19th May


- What is farming? (page 146)

- Farming as a system (page 147, task 3 and copy)

- Types of plots of land (Power point, slides 36, 37 and 38)

- Agricultural systems (page 146, tasks 1 and 2, glossary, map)

- Farming in the EU (page 148 and task on copy about Glebe Farm - EU area payment)

- An example of subsistence farming: Shifting cultivation (page 147: documents D and E, tasks 4 and 5, copy 48)

- An example of subsistence farming: Farming in Indonesia (pages 220-221 and tasks from 1 to 5)

- An example of commercial farming: An arable farm in th Licolnshire, UK (pages 148-149, tasks from 1 to 5, copy)

- Recognise and explain pictures from the Power Point.

Remember: you must send me your Clic2map activity.

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