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Dear students,

Read the following comic about the history of Notre-Dame de Paris and answer to the questionnaire.

Due date: 8th may

Click HERE

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2nd British: Album Renaissance Art

Create an album with the main masterpieces of Renaissance Art.

Due date: Send me an e-mail with your link on 25th May

Follow the instructions:

Create a Document Word with Google Drive.

  • First page: Title, Name of the student, 2nd British, Emperador Carlos High School, 2017
  • Second page: Blank page
  • Third page: Index
    • Make an Index and add the number of the page where the information appears.
    • Example:
      • 1.- The Renaissance Style in 1
      • 2.- The Renaissance Architecture...............page__
      • 2.1.- Quattrocento.......................................page__
  • Fourth page and on: Type the text and paste the pictures given. From this page on, insert the number of page until the end.
  • Last page: Blank page



    • Copy all the paragraphs from this headline on page 84
    • Paste the picture of the Vitrubian Man by Leonardo daVinci
    • Copy paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 on page 85
    2.1.- Quattrocento
    • Copy paragraph about Brunelleschi
    • Paste the following pictures:
      • The dome of the Cathedral of Florence
      • The façade of the Pitti Palace in Florence
      • Church of San Lorenzo in Florence
    • Copy the paragraph about Leon Battista Alberti
    • Paste the following pictures:
      • The Rucellai Palace in Florence
      • The Basilica of Sant´Andrea in Mantua
    2.2.- Cinquecento
    • Copy both paragraphs
    • Paste the following pictures:
      • Exterior of Saint Peter´s Basilica in Vatican city
      • Interior of Saint Peter´s Basilica
    • Copy the three first paragraphs on page 86
    3.1.- Quattrocento
    • Copy the first two lines
    • Paste the following pictures:
      • The Tribute Money by Masaccio
      • Duchi di Urbino by Piero della Francesca

    • Copy the last two lines
    • Paste the following pictures:
      • The Birth of Venus by Boticelli
    3.2.- Cinquecento
    • Copy the first two lines
    • Copy the paragraph about Leonardo da Vinci
      • Paste the folowing pictures:
        • Gioconda
        • The Last Supper
    • Copy the paragraph about Michelangelo Buonarroti
      • Paste the following pictures:
        • Sistine Chapel in the Vatican city
        • Detail of a scene from the Sistine Chapel
    • Copy the paragraph about Raphael
      • Paste the following pictures:
        • Frescoes from the Vatican palace (The School of Athens)
        • The Holy Family with a lamb
    • Copy the paragraph about Titian
      • Paste the following pictures:
        • Sacred and Profane love
    • Copy first paragraph on page 87
    • Copy the second paragraph about Ghiberti
      • Paste the following paintings:
        • Gates of Paradise for the Baptistery of the Cathedral in Florence
        • Detail of the Gates of Paradise
    • Copy the third paragraph about Donatello
      • Paste the following picture:
        • David by Donatello
    • Copy the fourth paragraph about Michelangelo
      • Paste the following pictures:
        • David by Michelangelo
        • Moises by Michelangelo

1st British: ATAPUERCA Edpuzzle

Due date: 24th April

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2nd British: GOTHIC ART Webquest

Dear students,

you must create a presentation about GOTHIC ART.

Click HERE to acceed to the GOTHIC ART WEBQUEST.

Due date: 27th April