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1.- Form groups of two students.

2.- Each group must make a RESEARCH about one of the following transnational corporations:
  • Nike
  • Vodafone
  • Toyota
  • Volkswagen
  • Inditex
3.- Write a composition including the following items:
  • History: origin and expansion of the corporation.
  • Location of the headquarters
  • Location of the manufacturing facilities (factories)
  • Skilled workers (research and development; location; number of workers)
  • Non-skilled workers (number of workers in factories per country; location; type of work)
  • Raw materials and Products (manufactures) OR services
  • Shops (location; distribution of the products)
The lenght of your composition is one page at least, and up to two pages. 

4.- DUE DATE: March 10th
  • If you don´t hand in on this date, you will fail the activity.
  • Hand in your composition BY HAND.
  • You must introduce pictures and maps. Imagine the distribution of the text and pictures on a page of a newspaper.
  • When your compositions are corrected, they will be posted on the British Project blog.


     You MUST search the information on the following links. You can search more information on the Internet.

6.- After your teacher corrects your composition, you will have to  MAKE AN ORAL  PRESENTATION IN CLASS. Your teacher will communicate you when you must do it.

domingo, 19 de febrero de 2017


Try making your Power Point another time. You must improve your skills.

  • Hand in your Power Point in a pendrive to your teacher on 6th March 2017.

  • If you don´t hand in that day, your teacher won´t accept your pendrives another day.


Click HERE to enter in the Webquest about Romanesque Art. 

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2nd British: ADVICE COLUMN

Sample skeleton letter for your response

Dear History Blues

I hope I can settle your argument with your girlfriend. I can, of course, explain about social groups in Al Andalus. Here goes. 
First, _______________________________. On the other hand, _____________.

I hope you can make it up with her.


Dr. History

miércoles, 15 de febrero de 2017

1st British: Vegetation in the Temperate Zone

Dear students,

Write the following composition in a piece of paper. Write your name on it.

Use the following FRAMING WRITING to write your composition about VEGETATION LANDSCAPES.

Due date: Monday 20th February


On this page we can see three pictures of vegetation landscapes in the temperate zone: __________________, ________________________, ____________________.

____________________ is located in ________________________________ while ________________________ appears in______________________. On the other hand, ___________________  can be found in ________________________________.

The vegetation species that appears in ________________ are ________________________. In this picture we can see a ______________. These trees need specific climatic features, such as _________(explain temperature and precipitations for this climate)_________________________. 

The _________________woodland is composed of the following trees:____________. In the picture we can see a _______________ which need special climatic characteristics : ___________________ ______(explain temperature and precipitations for this climate)_________________________.

Finally, the last picture shows ______________________, composed by ____________________. These trees need other climatic features:__(explain temperature and precipitations for this climate)_________________________.

To sum up, we have seen that, although these three vegetation landscapes are located in the temperate zone, each of them is adapted to the different climates that appear in this part of earth: ___________________ belongs to the __________________climate, _______________________ appears in the __________________climate and _____________________ is typical of the ___________________ climate.

1st British: Precipitation map

jueves, 9 de febrero de 2017


Watch the following video in the Internet Tool Edpuzzle and answer the questions:

DUE DATE: 14th February


Follow the steps, watch the video and answer the questions.

STEP 1.- Go to

STEP 2.- Click on 'I´m a new student`

STEP 3.- Introduce your First Name and first letter of your surname (Example: Isabel_A). Then introduce your username and password. Note down your username and password in your notebook so that you can remember later. DON´T INTRODUCE YOUR E-MAIL.

STEP 4.- Click on 'Join Class' 

STEP 5.- Introduce the following Code lizagco

STEP 6.- Click on 'Start', watch the video and answer the questions.

You can rewatch a part of the video as many times as you want clicking on "Rewatch". If you think your answer is correct, click on "Submit" and you will continue watching the next clip of the video. The following picture is an example of a video in Edpuzzle. Your video is about SILICON VALLEY.

STEP 7.- Your teacher will receive your answers and grade them.

3rd British: Silicon Valley

jueves, 2 de febrero de 2017

3rd British: Population density

3rd British: Exam 7th February

Dear students,

I listened to your request about changing the exam.


when a teacher makes you such a big favour, your attitude must CHANGE. I´m going to be much more demanding:

      • Improve your ATTITUDE: you are BRITISH STUDENTS.
      • Speak always in ENGLISH
      • Pay attention in class WITHOUT talking-
      • Focus on the subject-
      • Hand in your tasks ON TIME-
      • Do your homework every day you are requested-
      • Show interest in class and be volonteers.
      • And much more...

Tomorrow will study the point about DISTRIBUTION OF THE POPULATION